HR Compliance

Consolidate your global payroll and receive support on your HR transformation journey, with MEYZER360 retain talents, reduce employee turnover rate with employee financial wellness program while staying compliant globally.

MEYZER360 HR Services

Employee Financial Wellness Program

Support your employees in both work and life with our financial wellness platform which helps employees in resolving their financial stress.

Global HR and payroll consultancy services

Designed to support you in any country by addressing the needs that arise when managing employees' lifecycle and during your business' HR transformation journey.

International employee benefits

Bespoke employee benefits, pensions, savings and share plans for international employers, their employees and individuals.

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Global Payroll Services

Employee Financial Wellness Program

Global HR and Payroll
Consultancy Services

HR Training Program

International Employee Benefits

Workplace Harassment

We can support you in area such as:

  • Market entry and operational readiness
  • HR transformation and change management
  • Global payroll and HR compliance
  • Payroll and HR project management
  • Health checks and guidance on global employment requirements
  • Compensation, incentives and benefits checks
  • Cross-border employment arrangements, mobility and posted workers
  • ERP localisation and requirements
  • HR assistance for M&A transactions


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