Account Payable Solutions

Streamlined AP solution for healthy company growth

Enjoy 0 day wait time for your suppliers to get paid with MEYZER360 AP solution.


Capture images of your invoices, and let the OCR system automatically extract the invoice information, creating a ready-to-pay list that's just one click away from issuing the payment.

Step 1

Approval Workflow

Tailor your payment approval workflow to maximize efficiency and avoid mistakes. Once approved, payment will be issued.

Step 2


0 day wait time for the recipient to receive the payment. No extra charge collected.Select your payment method from your MEYZER360 bank account or other options, and consider enabling scheduled payments in this step for added flexibility.

Step 3


Track the real-time payment status with accounting software dashboard. Make sure payment is delivered on time.

Step 4

Pay with MEYZER360 card and business bank account

Enjoy $0 monthly fees and $0 minimum deposit!


Systemized online accounting software.

Keep track of your company’s financial health on-the-go. The MEYZER360 app consolidates your accounting, reporting and payroll onto a single platform. 

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